Description Of Services


The DMMC provides Medical Marijuana (“CERTS”), otherwise referred to as a
medical marijuana card, provides legal access to a dispensary that supplies
patients with medical marijuana. A medical marijuana certification provides
patients with access to medical marijuana through the mail (some states may
apply). You are also given permission to legally grow a limited supply of
marijuana at home for medicinal purposes only (some states may apply).


The DMMC provides hourly consultations for MODS. Lifestyle Modifications
(“MODS”) involves altering a patient’s long-term habits, typically of eating or
physical activity, and maintaining the new behavior as part of the patient’s new
lifestyle modification. MODS can be used to treat a range of adverse habits and
diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, as
well as, Eating, Exercises, Sleeping, and more.


Generally, patients requiring CERTS and/or MODS to achieve optimal health
goals are managed by their Primary Care or Specialist Providers. The Primary or
Specialist is limited to what they can offer the patient for optimal health.
Generally, they only offer conventional doctor visits, prescriptions, and do not
offer health alternatives. Their limitations are due in part to time restrictions, lack
of information, and access to alternatives. As a result, patients often have more
difficulty getting conditions under control. They experience side effects from
conventional prescriptions, and they are not provided proven alternatives toward
optimal health. The DMMC help patients achieve optimal health goals through
integrative health & wellness lifestyle methods.


Discount services and consults for CERTS and MODS are available for Seniors
up to 40% off; U.S. Veterans up to 25% off; and Qualifying Low Income Patients
up to 25% off. Contact us for more info.

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